Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Make Yourself the Featured Owner of Your Fan Page So Your Friends Can Easily Find It From Your Facebook Profile

If you have you ever tried to find a friend's fan page, then you have probably had to ask your Facebook friend for a link to their fan page.  Do you find yourself wishing that your friends could find your page without having to post a link to your fan page?  Wouldn't it be nice if we could just go to a friend's profile and find the link?  Read on to see how easily it can be done!!

To make it possible for your Facebook friends to find your fan page from your profile, wall, Timeline (whatever you want to call it), all you have to do is make yourself the Featured Owner of your page.  If you have more than one page, make yourself the Featured Owner of every one of your pages and all of the links will then be ready to be found from your profile. (wall, Timeline)

First, go to your fan page and open up your Admin Panel if you have it hidden.  You need to choose the Edit Page link from the Manage drop down menu.

It will open on the Manage Permissions page.  Find the Featured link on the left and click on it and then Edit Featured Page Owners.

Now you are going to choose yourself as a featured page owner and save it.

That's all there is to it.  You are now featured as the owner of your page and your fans can find your profile and your friends can find your fan page because they are linked now.  There is an About link under your banner on your fan page.  This is where your links are to your websites, storefronts, blogs, etc. that you have listed in the website blank on the Basic Information tab.  To have all of your links listed, simply put a space between every one of them and they will all be listed for your fans and friends on your About tab.

Now doesn't that look nice to have yourself listed as the page owner?

Now go back to your wall so you can see how you are featured as a page owner.  I have not switched my profile over to the new Timeline yet, so I made a screen shot of mine so you can see where it is featured on the old style.

I checked several friends who have the new Timeline to see if they are a featured page owner yet and most of them are not, but I did find a couple who have featured themselves as their page owners so I could tell you where to look if you have the new Timeline.  It is in the same place, under your banner, that it is on the new fan page format.  Just click the About tab.

I hope that you have enjoyed my instructional blog today and that you will share with your friends so that they can be featured owners of their fan pages too.

I must admit that I did not learn this on my own either.  I learned about featuring myself as my page owner from one of my Facebook friends, Linda Kelly Lee, in a post that she made in her group a while back.  I just took it one step farther and made screen shots to help those who need the visual help.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you featured page owners on Facebook.  Please leave your comments, as I do love to read them.

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