Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fan Page Timeline Apps - How To Customize Your Tabs

The new Facebook fan pages have a nice banner across the top of the page now.  I really like them.  Besides that, our apps are now displayed under the banner, where they are much more noticable.  Not only that, but they can be rearranged and can also be renamed and the graphics can be replaced. 

There is only one app that cannot be edited or moved in any way, and that is the photos app.  I would like to be able to move it, but for some reason, Facebook thinks that it needs to remain in the first position.  There are a couple of other apps that can be moved, but you can't change the name and you can't change the graphic.  Those are the "likes" and the "notes".  There may be others, but I am not aware of them, as I don't have any other apps on my fan page which cannot be edited like that.

I will explain just how to customize your apps, complete with screen shots.  It is an easy process, and you should have fun getting your fan page set up just how you would like it to be seen by visitors and fans.

Your apps are now displayed under your banner.  You can have up to 12 apps, but only 11 are your choice because the photos app remains in the first spot and cannot be deleted.  There are only 4 that show, and a number next to them tells how many are hidden.  When you click on that number, the apps expand to show the rest of your apps if you have more than four installed.  Go ahead and click that to expand. (see the illustration)

My screen shots and instructions were made while using Internet Explorer 9.  There might be differences in the way you will do it and what you see if you are using another browser, but it should be close to the same.

After you click that number at the end of your apps that are showing, you can see the rest of your apps as well as how many spaces you have left if you would like to add any more apps.

Now you can edit any one that you like.  Hover your mouse over any, except the photos, and you will see a pencil appear for editing. 

Once you click the pencil, you will see your edit options.

You can only swap one position at a time, but keep on swapping until you have them in the order that you want.  Simply click on the app to swap positions with and it is done.

If you would like to rename your app and/or change the graphic on the tab, click on Edit Settings and another box pops up for you to make your changes.

To change the name, just fill in the box and save it.  If you want to change the graphic to a custom tab image, click on change and a new window will open.

Click on the change link in the new window that opens.

Use the box that pops up to choose an image from your computer to upload.  It will replace the image and you will see the image replaced, but there will be no save button in this window.  You will have to leave this window (or browser tab) open and return to the other window that you left open in order to click the okay button to save your new image.

After your new image has uploaded, click on the tab that has your fan page open and click the okay button to save your new image.  After you have saved it, you can close this window.

And that's it.  Your image size that you need is 111 pixels wide x 74 pixels high.  I hope that this has been helpful for you.  I welcome your comments.  Please be sure to come by my fan page and click the like button. 

If you need somebody to make the graphics for your new app tabs, let me know.  My prices are reasonable.  Have a nice day!!!  Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Great informative tutorial, those screenshots will really help a lot of folks.
    Robin aka 1lilbirdy2

    1. Thank you, Robin, for the compliment and for leaving a comment.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Connie for your comment, and you're welcome too.

  3. wow...I read it now I'm gonna try it...hope I can get this..sounds easy..but I am thanks Debbie...