Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bonanzle Is An eBay Alternative That Allows You To Import Your Items From eBay is a great place to list items for sale on the web.  It is a great eBay alternative if you are looking for a way of making money on the Internet.  Not only is it much simpler than eBay, it is friendlier too!  When you sell on Bonanzle, the fee schedule is straight-forward and easy to remember.  It can even be memorized.  When you sell on eBay, the fee schedule is complex and complicated and would be very difficult to try to memorize.  Besides that, it costs much more to sell on eBay.

Bonanzle is nick-named "The Ranch" and integrates live chat with the sellers and buyers into every booth.  Every seller gets a booth on Bonanzle, and they are set up much better than the seller's stores on eBay.  The support is like none I've seen on any other site.  When you contact support, they get right back to you with a real answer. 

You can import your listings from eBay to Bonanzle, but you can't just do that and walk away.  If you are importing your listings from the bay, you need to look at them for any language that doesn't belong in a Bonanzle listing.  These words need to be edited out of your listings:
  • store, pro-store
  • power-seller
  • eBay
  • sign up for PayPal
  • Turbo Lister
  • auction
  • bid
  • end of listing, listing end, etc.
  • non-paying bidder
  • 5 star seller ratings
  • detailed seller ratings
  • visit my other items (unless it's a link to your Bonanzle booth)
  • add me to your favorite sellers (if it's a link back to eBay)
  • any other reference to eBay or links back to eBay
When you make a listing for Bonanzle, you want it to be good enough to show up in a Google search.  You have about 60 spaces allowed for your title, which needs to be filled with as many keywords as possible that relate to the item that you are selling.  Don't fill it with things that you used on eBay like NEW, NWT, NWOT, etc.  Don't use words that nobody is going to use to search for your item.  Examples are beautiful, pretty, LOOK, etc.   When you write your description, the first 250 characters are sent to Google, so you need to fill that with descriptive keywords that will be picked up in web searches.  You need to write a description like there are no photos to look at.  Paint a picture with your words.  Then you need to take pictures that are good enough to show the item to your buyers like there are no words to describe it.  Bonanzle allows up to 6 photos for every listing, so if you take at least the front and the back, that is the least you should do.  Top and bottom photos are next, and then each side, when appropriate.  Not every item needs 6 photos, but when an item needs that many, take that many.

On eBay, they give you stock photos to use for many items.  This feature is not available on Bonanzle, but that is actually good because a lot of buyers (like myself) will not buy a used item when the only photo given is a stock photo.  I don't even like to see a stock photo for a new item, and will pay a little more sometimes for the same item from another seller who used a photo of the actual item instead of a stock photo.

If you have not experienced Bonanzle already, either as a buyer or a seller, I encourage you to go to and check it out for yourself.  You can start your tour in my booth at

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Indizona's Booth on Bonanzle

I have a variety of items for sale on a great website called Bonanzle. It is free to list your items and the fees are very reasonable for selling them. It is a friendly community of sellers and buyers who engage in chat and forum posts. Chatting and posting is not necessary, but it is fun and informative.

I have several vintage matchbooks that I haven't found any place else. You can find books in my booth on various subjects, including sewing, crafts and home school educational books. There are some one-of-a-kind collectibles for you too. I have sewing patterns from various decades as well as some homemade items.
You never know what I may find to place in my booth, but it's Always A Variety!